Thursday, August 18, 2022

So, About Those MAL Surveillance Tapes

Lesson #1 Lesson #2

I don’t think Garland wants to play, so if Trump releases heavily edited tapes…wait. If he talks about releasing tapes at all, they can be subpoenaed and released by the DOJ. Or the DOJ can subpoena them to protect agents from being doxxed, and then release tapes that hide identities but show the boxes coming out.
Probably won’t see the “properly marked classified documents” on tape  (though that strikes me as another reason to seize the tapes and all copies), but the sight of so many boxes is a reminder of why the FBI was there in the first place.

Trump really doesn’t win this one; and he really doesn’t understand that.

Lesson #3
Why Trump would release the tapes.

He can’t spend the money on legal talent.

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