Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Even Lindsay Graham Can't Believe His Side Is That Stupid

And this was only last Sunday: Does Dan Crenshaw really think this is a legitimate defense after John Solomon released the letter NARA also released, showing Trump's evasions and refusals to release documents. Crenshaw asks rhetorically "Does anybody really believe Trump had nuclear secrets?" According to the NARA letter: yes, they did. And just this morning:
A source told The Wall Street Journal that Trump wants the FBI to return about two dozen boxes that included 11 sets of classified information.

“He has said, ‘People put this stuff in their library. How can they put it in their library if it has to go back to the Archives? I don’t understand why I can’t have these things,’ ” the source said.

The search of Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate came after the former president refused to return documents belonging to the National Archives.

The stories about how Trump saw government records as his personal property just keep coming.  What's the Crenshaw defense now?  "Fake news"?

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