Sunday, August 28, 2022

I Don’t Disagree With The Concerns

But the posts of themselves are not criminal (nasty little thing called the 1st Amendment), and Trump did not incite Jan. 6 with an intemperate tweet or stirring rhetoric the day of. That event was planned and organized, and that’s the reason he should be prosecuted.

And besides, does anyone imagine a Trump in prison will be a silenced Trump? It’s not like he’ll be in solitary or buried under the jail. I know some people on Twitter imagine Trump in a dungeon so far underground it can’t be found, or Trump in chains with a ball gag.  Truth will be far more prosaic.

Calm down, people. Trump is not about to overthrow the nation or start a civil war (Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat, Wilson. If you’re gonna quote somebody to justify your worst case scenario, don’t make it William “Cyberpunk” Gibson. I mean, his whole vision of the future and the internet was passΓ© before the kids forgot who he was. Not an impressive authority on the undistributed future, all I’m saying.) or inflame the passions of thousands (not even hundreds) with a post on Truth Social. Which is probably going to be bankrupt and gone by Hallowe’en anyway.

Really gotta start living in the present and quit inventing horrible futures in order to scare the children. Like Trump’s schtick, that act has so been done.

Time to move on. Future’s coming, and nobody really knows what it looks like. But it’s not the apocalypse. As Dylan said: “Nothing is revealed.”
Well, except that. Some things refuse to change.

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