Sunday, August 14, 2022

Go And Please The World

A grand jury is investigating this case. If you put Trump in jail without an indictment, how long does a judge keep him there? 10 minutes? 15? And then what?

Garland has the high hand, because he called Trump's bluff.  If the grand jury indicts on any of the charges in the search warrant, Trump is out on bond/recognizance within a few hours of turning himself in.  Much better than perp-walking him (a Giuliani invention, by the way; think about that a moment) and seeing him walk out to the microphones a few hours later.

There is a game being played here, for better or worse.  Garland has proven he's playing chess, while Trump has shown he's throwing food against the wall.  I'd rather watch Garland play his game.
Now prove that in a court of law, and you've got it made.

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