Tuesday, March 28, 2017

"Buy your dreams, a dollar down...."

Time to check in on Trump's tweets again.  The "big news" tweets are about Democrats and Russia.  I was going to post them, but you can find them here and here.  Same ol' same ol', frankly.  You know on their face it's sheer nonsense.  The other stuff is MUCH more interesting:

This, of course, is how you win friends and influence people.  Pay attention, class:  this is world class politicking.  LBJ is taking notes in the afterlife.

Well, except....

So much winning!  We're getting sick of all the winning!  Besides I'm not quite sure what the second sentence has to do with the first.  Oh, well:  communicating directly to the people!  Hooray!

"We"?  Does he have a mouse in his pocket?  

Trump’s may have been the most irresponsible remarks uttered by any political leader in the long debate over the Affordable Care Act, because it signaled to insurance companies and to enrollees that the administration would make little or no effort to avoid an avoidable outcome.

“That rhetoric in and of itself has a destructive impact,” Andy Slavitt, the last acting administrator of Medicare and Medicaid under the Obama administration, told me. That’s because Trump’s words could drive insurers out of the individual market. “If you’re a competitor in the marketplace and you hear that the regulator wants the market to explode, you say, ‘Why should I participate?’”
Remember when Trump was going to restore jobs?  Trump remembers:

Except, still, not so much:

Really, really not so much:

Ford decided to expand in Michigan rather than in Mexico. But the decision has more to do with the company’s long-term goal — particularly its plans to invest in electric vehicles — than with the administration. Here’s what Ford chief executive Mark Fields said about the company’s decision to abandon plans to open a factory in Mexico: “The reason that we are not building the new plant, the primary reason, is just demand has gone down for small cars.”
Trump’s bravado on these jobs announcements is becoming a bad joke. He claims credit when little or no credit is due to his policies. Moreover, he is counting these jobs as jobs in the bank, when corporate plans frequently change according to market or economic forces.
Trump has promised to create 10 million jobs over the next four years, and that ultimately is what he will be judged on.

And, of course, being POTUS means you have access to information the rest of us don't!

Or not.

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