Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Strange Days Indeed

Apparently there is something to that "Washington Bubble" concept

In the news:  Water is running uphill, dogs are sleeping with cats, and Paul LePage is making sense:

“If the ACA is unsustainable, as some fear, I’ve heard some politicians say, that are Republicans, ‘Let it fail, and let the Democrats own it,” WVOM’s Ric Tyler told the governor during an interview.

“Oh yeah, yeah, so let’s keep hurting the American people,” LePage responded. “That’s about as sensible as ‘Go jump off a bridge.’ That makes no sense. You’re telling people, ‘Let it fail so the American people can get hurt more and when they get hurt more maybe we’ll do something.’ Why don’t you go jump off a bridge? That’s just about as sensible.”

1 comment:

  1. Maybe he had an intimation of his own mortality. I don't believe he's ever said anything remotely as humane as that in his entire public life before now.

    And he's also saying that he might leave Maine after his term is up. Which I'd also like to encourage.