Saturday, September 30, 2017

Keepin' it Klassy, 'kay?

This is the woman Trump and Bauer are complaining about.  
When you can show me even a shot of Trump in this posture, I'll reconsider.  Maybe.

Admittedly, this gets under my skin:

“Look, I believe the federal government has a role and responsibility to come in and help, but local leadership is supposed to lead, not the federal government, and so it really falls on the backs of the people that have been elected, and make no mistake, resources have been given,” Bauer said about the catastrophe. “Eleven major highways cleared, 10,000 people down there, you’ve got on the ground a four-star general, 11 points of distribution, 500 gas stations with gas, air-dropped supplies in places where they can’t get to major hubs, $40 million available right now, so things have been done.”

Two weeks later.  But hey, better late than never, right?  Besides:

“The federal government has come in, but my feeling is the federal government’s role is not to come in and take over,” he continued. “As a local guy that’s served in local elected office, I wouldn’t want the federal government to ever come in and take over.”

Next time a hurricane hits South Carolina, we'll leave you alone, okay?  And besides, what you want is not necessarily what Puerto Rico wants, right?  I mean, state's rights, right?  By the way:  fuck you:

Unlike what they faced after recent storms in Texas and Florida, the federal agencies found themselves partnered with a government completely flattened by the hurricane and operating with almost no information about the status of its citizens.

“The level of devastation and the impact on the first responders we closely work with was so great that those people were having to take care of their families and homes to an extent we don’t normally see,” said an administration official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he did not want his statement to be interpreted as criticism of authorities in Puerto Rico. “The Department of Defense, FEMA and the federal government are having to step in to fulfill state and municipal functions that we normally just support.”

The next time this happens to South Carolina, maybe we'll remember you don't want any help from the rest of us.  And frankly, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about:

Army Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, who was named this week to lead recovery efforts, told reporters Friday that there were not enough people and assets to help Puerto Rico combat what has become a humanitarian crisis in the aftermath of the storm.
What's that?  You've got more to say?  Oh, please, do go on:

“Well keep in mind the mayor is the one that actually struck first,” Bauer explained. “Here the president is doing everything he can, two other major catastrophes. My house was flooded four feet, I helped myself. I realized theirs is much worse than mine, but I think the mentality too often is to turn to Washington every time you turn around, and local leadership needs to take this by the horns.”
Because you, like Trump, think it's all about Trump?  She "struck first"?  What are you, 6 years old on a playground?

“If the federal government comes in and helps, that’s great. But again, this is a territory, they have to take care of themselves and we have given them an unbelievable amount of supplies, but to fault the president when he’s personally coming down on Tuesday, sent members of his staff, wait a minute, we want a full understanding before we immediately send funds down there,” he added.
You and President Coolidge, huh?  "President Coolidge say, 'Little fat man, isn't it a shame/What the river have done to this poor crackers' land?' "

“She [the mayor of San Juan] has been invited to FEMA command center several times to see operations and be part of efforts but so far has refused to come, maybe too busy doing TV?” the spokesperson said.
Better than being too busy playing golf and tweeting about football players?

Cruz has notably been seen working the streets of San Juan helping survivors of the devastating disaster and organizing relief efforts in the absence of adequate federal help from the Trump administration.
Children; all of them.

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