Sunday, September 30, 2018


So now Trump has rigged the FBI "investigation" (quelle surprise), and Dems are threatening impeachment of Kavanaugh in 2019.  I'm of a mind to say the Dems need to be true to their resolve and campaign (and follow through) on impeaching Kavanaugh because of his lies, his crimes, and his very confirmation (you know it's coming) is an affront to the history and reputation of the Court.

Yes, this will promote more both-siderism about how the Dems are being unreasonable (Molly Ball raised this argument on "Washington Week" and I changed the channel before I put a boot through my new TeeVee), and will be the start of a most uncivil war. But the GOP have played the bully and the tyrant and insisted on "my way or the highway" for too long. It is time there were consequences for their actions, and not just possible electoral ones. There has to be a war so that all sides agree a reset is better than continued combat. They have fought for power for power's sake, and they must learn the cost if that fight.

It may be the only way to save our republic.  We certainly can't afford to stand down after Kavanaugh and promise feebly to never let another like him on the bench. In fact, he should be impeached whether he is elevated or not. He has shown himself unfit for the bench and he should not fade away back to the D.C. court.  A price must be paid, the fight must be fought. There really isn't any alternative anymore.

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