Sunday, September 29, 2019

Be Somewhere Else Now(!)

Yes, it should.
You have confirmed everything in the report and still insist you did nothing wrong in the conversation. Of what, then, are you accused, except out of your own mouth?

As for fraud: what was misrepresented, and who relied in it to their detriment?

Treason? L'etat, c'est moi? Mockery of the POTUS is mockery of the state? Read the Constitution, you idiot. The crime is defined there.
Again, you released the report and you confirmed everything in it and you thought it was all "perfect" until the public reception turned into impeachment investigations. And what information was given "illegally"? The information you confirmed but now don't like because no one else agrees it is "perfect"?

Besides, impeachment is not a criminal hearing. You'll have your rights to face your accusers when you are in criminal court, as you surely will be.

Until then we can try to reconcile these two:

Committing government resources to beating the dead horse of Clinton's e-mails is justified, but investigating facts you have admitted to is bad for the country?

You really do think you're a king.
Jesus doesn't love me that much. And if I haven't been clear on the point, allow me to abuse some horse flesh on my own:
This couldn't be going any better if I scripted it.

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