Thursday, September 26, 2019

Grandpa got the cooking sherry again!

Honestly; parse that out and see if it makes sense.

What the Democrats are doing is a disgrace?  What, upholding the rule of law, carrying out their Constitutional duties of oversight and investigation for a possible impeachment vote?  

What, precisely, shouldn't be allowed?  A fair and open investigation conducted in public (Devin Nunes seemed to be against, that, too; at least in the hearing this morning)?

"There should be a law of stopping it."  What, like a stop sign?  Like a Presidential Get Out of Jail Free Card?  Like a "The President cannot be investigated" law?  Like a "If the President does it, then it's legal" law?  Can we call it the Richard M. Nixon Memorial Act?

"Maybe legally, through the courts."  Or maybe illegally, if that doesn't work out the way you want it to?  Who the hell has a leader who talks like this who isn't automatically described as a "dictator"?

"But they are gonna tie up the country."  Well, Pelosi says there'll be a vote on the replacement for NAFTA, and your Administration is now blaming the homeless for water pollution in California:

“The EPA is aware of the growing homelessness crisis developing in major California cities, including Los Angeles and San Francisco, and the impact of this crisis on the environment,” Wheeler said in the letter to Newsom.

“Indeed, press reports indicate that ‘piles of human feces’ on sidewalks and streets in these cities are becoming all too common,” he added.

He said the EPA is worried about the environmental impact of what it said was untreated human waste being washed into the Pacific and San Francisco Bay.

Wheeler threatened federal intervention and gave the state 30 days to respond in writing to his complaints.

The EPA also said drinking water in several cities has been found to have levels of arsenic, lead or radioactive substances above established health limits.

Flint, Michigan, meanwhile, is just fine, right?  And what, homeless people are radioactive and shit toxic uranium and plutonium?

Yeah, you thought they'd forgotten about California's homeless in all this ruckus, didn't you? No such luck.  And if Trump can walk and chew gum at the same time (I need to see the video to believe that), then the House can, too.

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  1. I remembered when it was right-wing Republicans who were against making law from the bench.

    The poor, second only to women in the class of universal culprits, responsible for all evils. Malthus is the prophet of the rich.