Friday, September 27, 2019

Rodents on a Foundered Sea-going Vessel

Made Trump sound guilty?  How hard was that to do?

Who is he quoting? And why does he think all-caps makes it true?

Nah, he presented his version of it, which is fair.  It's nothing to resign over and there's nothing to be investigated.  You know, as the person who sits over the Department of Justice and the entire administrative structure of our federal laws, you don't know jack-shit about any of it.  That's more than a little concerning.  And "He has been doing this for two years"?  What are you talking about?  You've been carrying on like this for three years, and you haven't resigned yet.
This is my favorite part:  the memorandum (it's hardly a transcript) of the phone call isn't being misread to make you look bad:  the conversation itself is bad.  It was neither legal nor good, but again, there's that problem of you having no understanding of either term.  And it's not a "witch hunt" when the information comes from your own White House.

Maybe you should ask yourself why so many people working on your staff are ratting you out.

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