Sunday, September 29, 2019

Bricks Without Straw

Hugh Hewitt was patted on the head by the MTP panel when he tried to claim Adam Schiff destroyed his credibility in an interview with Chuck Todd. Schiff rather stiffly defended the need for an impeachment inquiry, but Hewitt argued Schiff was biased and therefore disqualified from conducting the investigation.

We expect judges to be objective and unbiased, but we expect prosecutors to believe in the legitimacy of their investigation and prosecution.

Steve Scalise, on the same program but in an interview, evaded so baldly and tried to spin so badly Chuck Todd(!) called him on it.  On the panel the 2nd time around told Hewitt his comments were absolutely irrelevant (spoiler: they were). When Chuck Todd is calling out your bullshit, you're bullshit-fu is weak indeed.

Defenders of Trump really don't have anything to build a defense with at all.

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