Tuesday, September 24, 2019

This is not the sea change you are looking for

There's no case law for this, but what the hell, the Supreme Court will probably give it to 'em, right?
This argument really confuses me, because if a President can't be investigated, what about the Mueller investigation?  Or is this a wholly new assertion that the President IS above the law?  Or does this new argument only apply when the DOJ can't control the release of the information after the investigation, or the investigation itself?

I don't understand what federal governmental interest the DOJ has in this case, but I like even less that the Supremes could find there is one.  They did it in Bush v. Gore when there wasn't one, then tried to pull the ladder up by both releasing an unsigned per curium order, and by declaring it could not be precedent.  Nothing to keep them from trying that again.

That lawlessness thing is not going away any time soon.  That "Constitutional crisis" (which, oddly, no one is talking about just now) is still coming, and when it arrives, the press will be sure to explain both sides of it to us.  After all, I'm sure there's another "ambiguity in the law" somewhere in here.  I mean, the Constitution doesn't explicitly say the President is not above the law.

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