Saturday, September 28, 2019

This is not a war room--Rene Magritte

Yeah!  That's what happened!
Oh, and about that classified server:
As of this writing, Trump has 23 "RNC Research" retweets (all of them involve videos that all seem to come from FoxNews) confirming in his mind that he is a victim of "PRESIDENTIAL HARRASSMENT!"
(so true, so true!)

And one retweet of a retweet of a formerly pinned tweet:
Which apparently the "FAKE NEWS!" has not reported on, which is why, of course, it is "FAKE NEWS!"  (And inquiring minds still want to know:  how do "corrupt Democrats" exonerate Trump of his corruption?)

The image of Trump under the covers sucking his thumb while he manages to retweet with his left hand has not been erased by this re-tweet storm.

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