Saturday, September 28, 2019

JAG Graham Knows Better

a) Trump has admitted to the phone call and what was said (calling it "legal" doesn't make it so, BTW.)

b) The White House released their record of the call, which corroborates what the report AND Trump said.

c) There is no impeachment yet, only an investigation. That's the process that turns hearsay into evidence.

d) Impeachment is not a legal proceeding. Rules of evidence promulgated by courts don't apply.

e) This is your defense? You really don't have anything, do you?

1 comment:

  1. So, Lindsay, if you weren't watching the whistleblower yourself, how do you know that he wasn't witnessing the call? Hearsay maybe?

    All so stupid. 99.9999999999% of what we know is hearsay. Even when I present evidence at trial, a large part of it is strictly hearsay (either subject to exceptions, or stipulated when no one doubts it).