Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Speaking of Speaking at the U.N.

I should have posted a warning that you not view this unless you have strong coffee at hand, and certainly not while operating machinery, because YOU WILL FALL ASLEEP!
Now for the irony:  "A faceless bureaucracy operates in secret and threatens democratic rule."  You mean like the DOJ's Office of Legal Counsel, which has issued a secret legal opinion on why the IG IC cannot release the whistleblower report to the Congress as the statute requires?  The OLC which decided the report was not of "urgent concern" (a term of art in the applicable statute), but the reasoning behind that decision is also secret?

And what about "academic institutions" pushing "flat-out assaults on our histories, traditions, and values", as well as the problem of free speech in social media which, according to your Dept. of Education, is not an issue when colleges teach about Islam?  That, you say, is anti-semitic, even though the majority of the world's Muslims live in Asia, not a region known for its declarations that Israel has no right to exist (nor is that widespread in Saudi Arabia, for example; and if it is, who cares, because:  oil!).

Ah, but the sheer incoherence gets louder:
"Our founders....chose to entrust American power to those most invested in the fate of our nation."  Yeah:  white male property owners, like you.  Right?  And in true "Starship Troopers" form, only patriots are citizens are people worthy of determining the course of the nation; no others need apply.

Come back, Pat Buchanan.  All is forgiven!

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