Monday, September 30, 2019

The Emperor Unclothed

Yeah, well, now it's after 5 p.m.  Let the fun begin!

When ARE we going to see that information that corroborates all these allegations against Trump?
To be honest, that's been going on for 3 years now.  It's just finally being taken seriously.  Oh, watch out!  INCOMING!
Meanwhile, back among the people:
And yet another reason to remove Trump from office:
It occurs to me the revelations about Barr going to Australia and Italy are indications Trump has been nuts since the get-go, and that's becoming clear even to the intentionally obtuse among the media.  Trump has been thumping Barr to find the source of the Nile he thinks the Mueller Report is, in order to root out his enemies (shades of Nixon!) and bring them into the light to PROVE Trump is the legend in his own mind that he knows the world should see he is!  Frankly, misusing government power and personnel and monies to chase this white whale is grounds enough to remove him from office; if only the 25th Amendment meant anything.

But isn't it revealing that the Emperor has been naked all along, and only now are we all seeing it.

And has been for a long time.
This will not end well.  And, in closing, another brick in the wall:
It's the little things.

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