Monday, September 30, 2019

I'm Old Enough to Remember

...when William Barr didn't want to be involved in these efforts to get information from foreign governments for Trump's political benefit.

Well, that's what I was told.

The other best part, besides what is quoted in that tweet, is this:

“In making the request, Mr. Trump was in effect asking the Australian government to investigate itself. The F.B.I.’s counterintelligence investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election began after Australian officials told the bureau that the Russian government had made overtures to the Trump campaign about releasing political damaging information about Hillary Clinton.”
I don't think Barr is quite that stupid, but the President is.  And no, saying that does not relieve Trump of any responsibility for what he does.  It just explains how truly dangerous he is in office.

He really is a toddler with a loaded shotgun on a hair trigger.  And Barr is not implicated in all of this; he's swimming in it:

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