Tuesday, September 24, 2019

"So Much Work and So Much Success!"

Shot No. 2:

No mention of the vote on the resolution in the Senate.

Yeah, we're kinda past that by now.
You know that's not gonna be a thing, right?  Like "fetch," it's never gonna happen.  And what about that Senate vote?  And what McConnell had to say?

I suppose this makes it worse:
He was in his "safe place" and all.  And there's even more on this "special day" when he read a death wish catalog to the United Nations and droned on like the teacher from "Ferris Bueller" ("so much work!  so much success!"):
Wait, that's not all!
Trump is so pissed he "unpinned" his Rasmussen approval ratings tweet to post a campaign ad blasting Democrats.

Pass the popcorn, somebody.

You know, as it comes in, it just gets better:
 I'm gonna need more popcorn.

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