Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Crucible

Lindsay Graham is NOT having it!

“I just told you I have zero problems with this phone call,” he told host Margaret Brennan. “There is no quid pro quo here but I have a problem against Nancy Pelosi, if you believe that Donald Trump did something to hurt this country, you owe it to vote not talk about impeaching the president.”

According to Graham, Democrats are “hiding behind” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and are “afraid” to vote on impeachment.

Graham appeared shaken over a whistleblower report which exposed Trump’s Ukraine call.

“Every American deserves to confront their accuser so this is a sham, as far as I am concerned!” he charged. “I want to know who told the whistleblower about the phone call.”

“The complaint sounds like a legal document,” Graham insisted. “Who helped this guy write it or this girl write it. We are not going to try the president of the United States based on hearsay. Every American has the right to confront their accuser.”

He added: “Who are these people and what are they up to? You know, Mueller wasn’t a witch hunt but this is. Salem witch trials have more due process than this! How do you know she’s a witch? Somebody told me she’s a witch. How do you know she’s a witch? I read articles thinking she might be a witch.”
Okay, so, the problem is Pelosi, not Trump, and the problem is Pelosi is not moving directly to impeachment, but instead is conducting an impeachment investigation.  Hugh Hewitt (on MTP this morning) literally accused Adam Schiff of being the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland:  Verdict first, trial afterwards!  Lindsay seems to think that should be the way things are done!

But that, of course, won't allow Trump to face his accuser, and that's the problem!  Besides, who leaked the truth to this guy (or "gal")?  That's the real scandal!  That we have whistleblowers in government!  It's appalling!

And the complaint "sounds like a legal document"?  What, government employees learn to write like lawyers??!!!!???  Whoever heard of such a thing???!!!!  And although the process hasn't even begun (and the trial will be in the Senate, not the House), "Salem witch trials have more due process than this!"

Yeah, nothing says "denial of due process" like calling witnesses and taking testimony in public hearings before moving on to deciding whether or not impeachment is warranted.

They're gonna pound that table into kindling before very long.

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