Monday, September 30, 2019


This is worth worrying about?

I was just thinking I never turn on NPR in the morning and hear about Trump's latest tweets.  I never get the daily briefing e-mail from NYTimes leading off with Trump's latest outrageous tweets.  Nobody covers them in WaPo or the LA Times; at least it never hits the front page.  I think this is of a piece with the Australian journalists recent observation that trying to report just what spills out of Trump's mouth is a challenge because it's usually some kind of word salad rather than a coherent statement of even conspiratorial bullshit.  So, the journalists notes, reporters end up making sense of Trump's statements because reporting on them verbatim is almost impossible, except to say "The President spewed more gibberish today," and THAT would be condemned as biased and opinionated.

Nobody is noticing Trump's tweets, IOW, and this hammering on Schiff Trump is doing is just pathetic in the extreme.  Trump has at least three times now demanded Schiff be arrested for treason over these remarks; that strikes me as of far more concern than the concern that Schiff's remarks were maybe not a "good idea." 

It's not like one or two Republicans complaining about Schiff's remarks is any worse than what the POTUS is saying over and over again.  Maybe today he'll say it in front of cameras, so the press HAS to cover it.

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