Monday, September 23, 2019

The Wisdom (?) of the Crowd

To anyone who remembers 2016, the campaign against Clinton was "But!  Her e-mails!"  The campaign response from Clinton was "But!  Trump's corruption!"  It turned out the corruption of Clinton (thanks largely to her husband) outweighed the corruption of Trump.

Of course, this time around, Trump is the incumbent.  But already the kerfuffle over Ukraine is turning into "But!  Biden's corruption!" v. "But!  Trump's corruption!"  And all supposedly arising from the same country, except it's not America.  And it does seem to be related, because Giuliani admits he went to Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden (he didn't find any, but that doesn't stop him from accusing Biden of being corrupt.  Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, as Rumsfeld taught the dutiful stenographers of the NYT).

So maybe the "crowd" of Democratic Primary voters, supposedly so deeply attuned to "electability," are starting to think they don't want to replay 2016 in 2020, and figure the worst Trump has on Warren is "Pocahontas."  Which is old news, anyway.

At least, so far as we know, she has no connections to Ukraine; so that could be it, too.

Or it could just be this:

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