Friday, August 12, 2022

Garland Went Nuclear

The FBI said (per WaPo) that’s what they were looking for. Trump jumps the gun. Which sounds like he had them and knew it.

Now why would he have them?
And sure enough, it gets worse: I think we’ve found the reason Trump took these records, and it’s not just because he’s a narcissistic child. Kinda what I’m thinking. So we’ll soon know.

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  1. I had thought he had, was seeking to or had begun trying to sell information, I hadn't thought nuclear secrets and I hadn't thought the House of Saud but that makes complete sense to me. And it proves how totally dangerous our entire political framework was. If American democracy as it is under the Constitution lets a bunch of gangsters like Trump and his regime act like a rogue Pakistani physicist for this long, it is in seriously need of drastic change. The part that the media, the Comey era FBI and the legal system played in putting him and keeping him in office has to be addressed. I can only begin to imagine how dangerous that would have been. That it took that to get Garland to get over his practice of judiciousness shows how dangerous that can get.