Saturday, August 13, 2022


 “There’s a clear dividing line: the successors to the Tea Party movement, which are now controlling the state party,” said Tim Stubson, a former Republican state representative. “But on the other side of the line, the mainline Republicans, you still have a lot of pro-Trump people. … There is a very sharp line there, but Trump is not the dividing line.”

The Tea Party ("Taxed Enough Already" for you punks out there!  It's probably past your bedtime, too, kiddies!) was an astroturf (look it up!) organization created by rich (read: the Kochs) GOP donors and used to push extreme right wing policies in Congress, because Gingrich wasn't extreme enough.

The GOP honchos latched onto it because serious money was behind it (first reason), and because it seriously stirred up the "base" who are the only people who matter in House races.  (As Christine Todd Whitman pointed out to Margaret Hoover on "Firing Line," with gerrymandering the winner of the primary is the winner of the race for a House district.  And in states where one party rule is all that matters (hello, Texas!) that extends to the state races and the U.S. Senatorial races.  She didn't point that out; I did.) who survived the "Tea Party Revolution," (Mitch McConnell, hem hem), thought they were riding th tiger.  Those who now survived (McConnell, again) have lived to see those chickens come home to roost.  But their view is from inside the tiger.

Did I mix enough metaphors there for ya?

Which is probably also why no one in Wyoming gives a wet snap for Daddy Cheney speaking sternly into the camera and telling everybody there to vote for his little girl.  And frankly, that fact ain't keepin' me up at night.

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