Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Anyone Who Wasn't Clear On That Almost From Git-Go....

...please to be shutting your pie hole now. Why in the name of all that's rational would any of the dissenters leak that opinion? It didn't change in substance, and didn't change anything favorable to the dissent to reveal it early. The obvious purpose was to whip Roberts, at least, back into line. And since Roberts finally joined the majority, why isn't he pursuing the leaker? Hmmmm? I mean aside from the fact he has no authority to do anything about the leak, especially since it obviously came from a Justice (the only people who couldn't lose their jobs over it).  Remember when McConnell was demanding the fullest punishment available under law for the leaker?   Did anyone really believe McConnell would lead the charge to impeach and remove the first Supreme Court Justice in history? Remember when former AG Bill Barr harrumphed for a special grand jury to investigate? Funny how all of that faded away, too.

Honestly, the whole announcement and pursuit of the investigation was a red herring that just made matters worse.  Or maybe just made clear how bad matters are on the court.

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