Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The Internet Is Making Us All Stupider

If you control the definitions, you control the conversation. Except you can't slice the baloney so thinly it only has one side, especially with a legal scalpel. "Abortion" is not defined in law as "elective surgery to terminate a pregnancy." Because lawmakers fear the tricksy womenses who will fool the doctor into performing elective surgery as a medical procedure.

Of course, allowing it for the health of the mother is not a loophole, because the only alternative is to prove that in court; on behalf of the mother, the doctor, the medical care staff and facility, and all persons with knowledge of what some would prefer be a crime.  And no, this is not a solution:
It's just crackpottery from the other direction. How many ob/gyn's want to roll the dice that everytime they treat an ectopic pregnancy they'll get a jury that will nullify the law? If that isn't a "let's you and him fight" solution, I don't know what is.

Lavern Spicer is a candidate for the 24th district in Florida.  Her website literally asks "Lavern Who?"  I'm just guessing she has no idea what pronouns are, but she knows they're bad because...reasons.  Maybe she means to define "pronouns" the way Alexandra DeSanctis Marr wants to define "abortion."*  In a way absolutely no one else uses the words.

*She writes for the National Review.  I should have known. It's an argument worthy of Bill Buckley, just without the vocabulary flourishes.

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