Monday, July 25, 2022

Things I Am Well Past

If the next sentence is "And I alone can save thee!", then: no thanks. I'll take the abyss for $1000, Alex. "And I alone am esaped alive to tell thee!" But, wait, weren't you guys the architects and cheerleaders of this mess? Is it heroism? Or is it Memorex? What this country needs is two political parties exploding into fireballs of ideological conflagration leaving behind nothing but scorched earth because it's a long, hot summer, there's nothing on TeeVee, and "Thor" was too funny and didn't have enough butchery from Gorr the God Butcher! I mean, "Gorr" was in the name, and there wasn't any!!! What kinda suck summer is this??????!!!!!!!!????????? In, all stereotypes to the contrary, one of the most ethnically diverse states in the country, where this kind of message will go down smooth with all those "Hispanics" the GOP wants to woo. Political genius, I tells ya! Does anybody younger than Rick Wilson and to the left of MTG know what a "socialist" is or why it's bad? Ditto the still prevalent (but false as water*) claim that government spending creates inflation. That Chicago School of Econ bullshit is as valid as speaking of the "Founding Fathers" as some kind of hive-mind uber-brain. But try to fight any of those three hoary myths. Maybe you want to see that poem, first. Taking my point and running with it: perhaps we should have let the world economy collapse, instead? Then inflation wouldn't be a problem at all. I close with this, to show Rep. Cheney there's no hard feelings (but I still don't see her as the nation's savior; at best she's got more balls than the rest of the GOP.  Which can be taken as damning with faint praise.  You do you.).

*Shakespeare reference, very posh, hem-hem.

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  1. What that would probably do is spoil the election for a Democrat ensuring a Trumpian fascist would, again, hold the presidency. So many "liberals" being ga-ga over whatever is presented on TeeVee as salvation. Not to mention "independents" who are usually slacker idiots in my experience.