Friday, July 22, 2022

Blush On The Cheek Of A Dying Age?

"Conservatism" is about protecting and supporting the status quo, and now that's the problem? 

Gotta say this is starting to remind me of W. winning his second term and declaring he had "political capital" he was gonna spend. Spend on cutting off social security; but he assured the elderly already on it that they would be grandfathered in, just their grandchildren would have to fend for themselves (like invest in the stock market. This was back when putting the SS trust fund in the stock market was considered the height of financial wisdom.).

That conversation was in the headlines for all of about 2 months.  Seniors let the GOP know in no uncertain terms they actually cared about their families, and Social Security was always, and always would be, the third rail.  I think taking away abortion rights is prompting the same reaction in the body politic.  As ever, those in power don't get it until the election brings it home to them.  Politicians are always conservative in that sense:  they dance with the one what brung 'em until the music changes and all the dance partners change, which happens every 2 or 4 years.  So, basically:  wait for it.

It's coming; just not in the way these yahoos imagine.

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