Sunday, July 17, 2022

This Probably Didn't Happen....

...because the woman wasn't pregnant and because her life wasn't in danger and besides she should have made the choice to keep the child.


This case took place in San Antonio.  I'm assuming the woman had insurance, else the hospital would have been pressed to send her somewhere that cared for the uninsured.  So she has money.  This is where Paxton and the Texas GOP will go wrong on this issue.  So long as it involves the poor, the young, desperate girls I knew at abortion clinics, the invisible, the silent, the ptochoi in spirit, nobody cares.  But mess with the people with money, the people who aren't going to New Mexico on a vacation in order to come back not-pregnant, the people who find their life in danger like this poor woman....

...and attitudes toward abortion restriction will change rapidly.

Of course, how long it takes and how many must suffer and die before that happens is anybody's guess.  Helluva way to run a railroad.

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