Tuesday, July 26, 2022

In A Nutshell…

We have ended an entire line of medical care for women. Imagine if we did this based on race (I know, but blatantly). But because it’s women it’s okay because, you know: only women can bear children, therefor they should. Say the men.

Again, if it was “Say the white men,” imagine the conversation.

I say this as the father of a daughter who might need that care. Who knows what the future holds?

What it doesn’t hold right now is equal protection under the law. Which the Supreme Court has declared is perfectly constitutional. Anybody else see the problem now?


  1. As another father with daughters, the conversations have already changed and I care. This is a conversation a two weeks ago that started in Target as I was helping our third daughter shop for items she needs for her first year at a college in Ohio. We were in the pharmacy section getting shampoo, band-aids and other items, when we went down the aisle that had condoms. "I don't know what you and your boyfriend use for birth control, but I am happy to pay for these now if you need them." The response was she was a bit too embarrassed to have me buy them now, but a few minutes later she said "I am glad I got my IUD before I go to Ohio because I don't think I would be able to get one there." This was followed by "My friends are worried about their apps for tracking their periods and we are trying to find out which ones are secure." My reply was, "Even if they are secure, if the company is subpoenaed by the government they will release your data. I am not sure I would trust any app at this point". "By the way, if you or any of your friends ever suspect you are pregnant, don't use a credit card to buy a pregnancy test. That can be tracked. Pay cash." There were a few moments of silence, followed by, "I never thought of that."

    This is the post Dobbs world. We can't even enjoy the fun of getting ready for college, instead we have to worry about avoiding the criminal powers of the state of Ohio.

    1. I don't know if it would be possible for someone to write a program that would do the same thing as the apps, but if it were me, I'd want something on a computer that didn't depend on the internet to keep track of it. I've got a computer that has no online capabilities I use for some things, though Raspberry Pi Zeros aren't available right now due to the supply chain crisis.

      I constantly worry about my nieces and great nieces in Arizona and even in New Hampshire these days.