Saturday, July 23, 2022

Let’s Just Call It “Utter Crap”…

... and leave it there.

Even at that, it’s more attention than his comment deserves.

Or we can just cite Judge Amy Berman Jackson, quoting Amthony Bourdain:
D.C. is not just a city of dead presidents and cold marble monuments. The people we see working here on our television screens, in the halls of power, and the plush seats of Sunday morning punditry, often have as little to do with the city itself, and the people who actually live here, as any creatures from another universe. This is a city filled with actual living, breathing, eating Americans. Not vessels for one ideology or another, empty suits and empty ideas. Hard lives, hard struggles, and long roads to get here.
He’s not helping, IOW. Then again, neither is Bannon:

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