Saturday, July 23, 2022

This Is How I Remember The Turn Against Nixon

The question of character. 

And it is not raised by “grab ‘em by the pussy!” Not raised by “Mexicans are rapists.” Not by  “good people on both sides,” or “stand down and stand by.” Not by inject bleach or shove UV light where the moon don’t shine. 🌝 Not by cheerleading Putin and pissing on NATO and extorting Ukraine. Not by “INVOKE P!” and the absolute failure of his Covid response (Dolly Parton got the first vaccine made, not Trump). Not by his stunning incompetence and overt racism and raging public narcissism. No. The question of character is finally raised by a story that comes out 18 months after the unprecedented event of January 6 which he orchestrated, coordinated, and created. Facts obvious to the most obtuse, by now. In effect, the overrated “smoking gun.” The tiny undeniable. Trump didn’t care what happened to anyone but himself for four years in office, and even now wants to regain it because he thinks it will protect him from his crimes. But that doesn’t disqualify him; no, what does is a reported statement about Mike Pence. Take it as true and run with it, despite how much we know is undeniably true and proves Trump unfit to live in human society.

That’s what it took. And it’s all about, just as it was 50 years ago, political expediency.

I’ll retire to Bedlam.

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