Saturday, July 23, 2022

I Want To Say…

...the D.C. Circuit won’t give this the time of day. But I don’t know that, even if I think it’s true. On the other hand, Bannon’s lawyers sound a bit too much like Bannon. (Yes, the irony is lost on him. On his lawyers, too, I suspect.) No, the judge denied Bannon’s attempts to call them. The judge also ruled against most of Bannon’s attempts at a defense because they were (also) irrelevant.

Which brings me back to why the appeal will not be bulletproof. Or even likely to succeed.

IMHLO, of course. Which is worth what you pay for it.
There’s that, too. Maybe this is what he meant by “going medieval”? Yeah, this’ll help at his sentencing hearing. Sure, dude. Sure. Have (medieval) fun with that. And I’m still wondering πŸ’­: Is Bannon still a threat to democracy? Because he’s encouraging me to vote: for Democrats. And people who understand the nature of democracy.

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