Monday, July 18, 2022

"It's About The Guns."

What? People are not treating the school building as a prison or a fortress? What madness is this?????

It's about the gun. There are a lot of trees, and the gun lobby wants us to focus on the trees. There was an assailant with a military grade weapon and likely body armor. The police recognized that racing toward someone with an assault rifle and body armor can be near suicidal. In other words, even the police are afraid of assault weapons. Do we really expect police that are ready to engage in a suicidal frontal attack? Do we really expect teachers to be armed, and certainly more lightly armed and without body armor, and to also engage in a suicidal frontal attack against a better armed aggressor? The only people we expect to act that way are soldiers, and that only occurs in a very small, highly motivated and tightly controlled group. Even then, with all the constant training a reasonable number of soldiers fall short. Are we really planning to essentially court martial police and teachers for not risking their lives for their students? Who the hell would take these jobs? And are the people that would going to be any good at nurturing our children, or managing a domestic dispute? Because that is the kind of society we are looking at if we don't take a realistic look at Uvalde. 

We have a choice, either completely warp our society and make assault weapons our national fetish and god, or take control of them and have what is closer to a functional society. It's not about the cops, or the teachers, or training or anything else. It's about the damn guns. 

Keep that in mind as we proceed. The poorest paid and least respected go first before the accountability firing squad? Nobody could have predicted.... Yup. Illegal immigrants. In a rural town in south Texas that is probably 90%+ Hispanic. But no racism here, amigo. No, we have to be sure we point fingers at everyone. Two teachers died because they, or their fellow teachers, didn't treat the school like a fortress under seige every class day of the year. Fantasy allows us to escape responsibility. Yo See? You can't throw money at a problem! Unless it's a problem that requires buying more guns and shields 'n' stuff! Like computers 'n' radars! Those'll save us! I see a bill in the next Lege requiring all school districts to employ a full-time locksmith! Without any additional state funding for the position, of course. If only we had red flag laws! Or mental health care supported by the state! But that would have violated the shooter's due process rights, right? Can't have that. And laws to prevent 18 year olds from buying rifles?  What are you, a Commie? "Free competent psychological care?" You're not from Texas, are you? I don't think that's available even in Houston. And besides, an assault gun is just a rifle, and how dangerous are those? We allow kids who hunt to have rifles, so...freedumb, ya know? I seriously doubt a school district the size of UCISD has a large staff of counselors on the payroll. And again, if you think state money should provide that, you're not from Texas. See? It could have been worse. I understand the Texas Rangers were there, too.  Apparently without body armor as well, although in the video somebody in ordinary police uniforms have shields.  Huh.  Still lots of stories to puzzle out.

No wi-fi? Back to Texas school funding. And the modern day faith in techology to save us from ourselves, or our Constitution.  Sending in the janitor to do what the cops won't? Well, who's in charge (hint: the guys with the guns) and who's expendable? (Hint: the janitor). Precisely why I posted this entire thread, and why I still take this report with a large container of salt. The citizens of Uvalde said there was nothing new in this report. They're right; it's the same old finger-pointing, but now we can blame the teachers and...the doors. Dan Patrick is overjoyed. Is that why the Austin American-Statesman deleted the screams from the videotape? Because they weren't there in the first place? Clearly the solution is not to throw money at the problem, but to throw stuff at the problem. Last word: teachers really need to understand the school is a prison, and they are among the prisoners. Silly teachers. It's all their fault.

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