Thursday, July 28, 2022

More Snappy Answers To Stupid Questions

Actually the same answer will do: “Three guesses, first two don’t count.” Pretty much the unstated issue with that Axios story: early front-runners fail, for a variety of reasons. Thinking it’s yours to lose is the most common reason. So, the question: “What’s wrong with this picture?” And the answer:  (see above). The modern version is appositive: “If it’s not a smoking gun, is it evidence?” Our court system requires less reasonable doubt than our national narratives do. For example: What evidence must be provided to prove this? Why can’t we just agree Trump is less manly than a purse poodle? 🐩  I had just assumed this was the plan, from a cursory reading of the 12th amendment (which was clearly all Trump’s advisors had made).  Nobody ever said they were smart, so it’s hardly surprising they were dumb enough to put it in writing. After all, they assumed they would prevail and when they did, who was going to read these e-mails? Once the election is settled it’s settled, right?

Yes, I know what I’m saying.

And of course that part of the plan would be preceded by throwing it to the courts for Son of Bush v Gore:
Which, again, comes under the heading of: never put your conspiracy in writing. It’s also really the only surprise. Clearly these guys thought they were invisible and bulletproof because they were going to win, one way or the other, and then there would be no conspiracy. At least not one that would be investigated.

It doesn't hurt to have some evidence in the court of public opinion, but: come on!  At this point the whole magilla should be visible to a blind man.

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  1. Trump is a manly man? Please.

    There are less humiliating ways for someone to announce to the world that they're a gay chubby chaser. There are Tumblrs for guys like him to do that on.