Saturday, July 30, 2022

Remember Iran/Contra?

The investigation started in Reagan’s second term. By the end of GHW’s first term, the special prosecutor was issuing indictments, which Poppy cut off with pardons on his way to retirement.

5 years, basically, between discovery and indictment. The DOJ seems to be moving a lot faster this time.

And although Merrick Garland really hasn’t said more than he did before, suddenly everybody is content.  Well, almost everybody:
I’m not sure how much of this information we the public are entitled to. And now, as those questions indicate, we have to be reassured DOJ can actually do the job, that Trump hasn’t overwhelmed them: I suppose this is still “pressure” on Garland, but it’s starting to resemble Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition bringing out the comfy chair to force a confession.

And it all sounds too much like “reassure us that you will get convictions.” Which is really just the flip side of “LOCK HER UP!”

Sometimes the differences that divide us aren’t differences at all.

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