Saturday, July 23, 2022

Just An Argument

DeSantis won Florida by just 30,000 votes. And he’s not that popular in Florida. With a Democratic Congress against him, what will he do but acquire Trump’s governing baggage? DeSantis has hardly shown himself to be a Bill Clinton (who balanced the budget and eliminated the national debt, despite a GOP Congress out for his head for 8 years), much less an LBJ.

And has anybody outside of Twitter really heard of him? He’s Trump without Trump? Not really a selling point beyond the GOP base. Besides recent polling shows even Kamala ahead of DeSantis.

So, sure, make him the front runner. I remember when Chris Christie held that position; long before the primaries started. You want to kill a political career, make him the standard bearer two years before the primaries start.
And all of them as popular as prickly heat. Which is still more popular than Trump. Prickly heat, I mean.

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