Thursday, August 11, 2022

As Somebody Said On "Morning Joe" Today...

Journalisets shouldn't be taking Trump's bait about the "witch hunt" or the "raid," but instead asking: what was Donald Trump doing with 25+ boxes of classified material in the basement of his home? Especially one that is virtually shut down for the season? How secure is that place? And again, why did Trump have all those boxes for the FBI to seize?

If the FBI went beyond its remit, show us the inventory and the warrant and prove it.  If not, answer the question:  why did you have so much classified material?  What possible reason did Trump have?

And since I'm on the subject of MSNBC:
It was noted this morning that there was quite a crowd at MAL yesterday, and almost no one there today.  This is also where I learned MAL is closed until hurricane season is over (November, for those of you who don't live on the Gulf Coast).

So, 24 hours later, interest is already petering out.  I'm sure this will be a hot topic on the Sunday talking heads shows, but that's where news goes to die.  Trump will need a new outrage by Monday.

And "doomsday"?  Please.  Even Jan. 6th wasn't "doomsday."  No Constitutional process was thwarted, and several hundred people went to jail or are awaiting trial, while angry mobs ready to storm the FBI building are worried "it's a trap!" and they'll be arrested, too.

Lighten up, Francis.

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