Thursday, June 22, 2023

Back From The Afternoon Movie 🍿

And still none of them will date Charlie. Continuing the theme from yesterday, this time with more desperation. Ideas don’t matter. Things don’t matter. People matter. Except to Republicans. To Republicans, ideas are the only things that matter. Money is the only thing that’s real. And people are just things. Well, poor people especially. But people in general, too. All that matters is money; which, after all, is just an idea. Although it’s THE idea. The idea of money, which is the ideal of power. I’m overdoing it, aren’t I? Republicans think only ideas matter; and that people are things. "Justice” means “just-us.” So screw this due process and equal protection and burden of proof shit and LOCK HIM UP! Says the addle-patrd MD with no clue how government works or what the rule of law is. He’s not alone. Self-awareness is not their strong suit. Luna’s tweet is so stupid it makes my head hurt. Seems pretty clear now. "If I’m elected I promise to be a ruthless dictator who drives my (domestic) enemies before me and rejoices in the lamentations of their women,” is a helluva campaign slogan.

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