Thursday, June 22, 2023

The Fish Rots From The Head

Hmmm; sure. The problem is in the House.
"Congress will hopefully now look at the ever continuing Witch Hunts and ELECTION INTERFERENCE against me on perfectly legal Boxes, where I have no doubt that information is being secretly 'planted' by the scoundrels in charge, the Perfect Phone Calls (Atlanta), the illegal DOJ/Pomerantz/Manhattan D.A. Hoax, where virtually EVERYONE agrees THERE IS NO CASE, and the NYSAG SCAM, where I have proven beyond a doubt that there is no case, but have a hostile Judge who should not be on this case!" Trump wrote.
Congress has no authority over state judicial proceedings, nor any ability to interfere in Federal criminal investigations or prosecutions. But, sure, otherwise, why shouldn’t House leadership get right on this?

Then again, Trump got the House to censure Adam Schiff for his audacity in leading the first impeachment. Why shouldn’t Trump expect an even more helpful follow-up?

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