Saturday, June 24, 2023

Chaos Is The New Black

I had no idea how much Putin and Trump had in common.
“Mr. Putin’s tolerance of Mr. Prigozhin’s outbursts this year may have served his political purposes, but it prompted officials stunned by Mr. Prigozhin’s verbal attacks on Russia’s top brass to conclude that he enjoyed the president’s tacit support, analysts said. It also further emboldened Mr. Prigozhin," he wrote before adding, "The confusion over Mr. Putin’s personal views only came to an end Saturday morning, when the president delivered a five-minute address to the nation describing Mr. Prigozhin — without naming him — as a traitor and vowing to quell the uprising the paramilitary leader had started. But the damage had already been done."
Putin liked chaos. He thought it let him maintain order. Now it seems chaos is coming to claim its due.

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  1. Abusers of all stripes love chaos. It always suits their purposes to keep victims off balance. Until everything collapses.