Monday, June 26, 2023

Putting 2 And 2 Together, Coming Up With Eleventy Billion

Or maybe the total non-sequitur is the problem. Mind you, I have issues like that when I read an egregiously stupid tweet; or article; or comment. But when it’s that bad, all I do is post on a blog nobody is paying attention to. What I don’t do is seriously damage national security. Gotta say, I thought we already knew that. But I suppose it bears repeating.

Even if it is only being repeated on a blog nobody is paying attention to. 😎


  1. Who you calling 'nobody'?!

  2. When I was told nobody read my blog I figured that meant I could say whatever I wanted to. The joy of obscurity. Maybe I'll write a book that no one will read. Like nobody reads most books by Republican hacks that get on the NYT Bestsellers List.