Thursday, June 22, 2023

Lighting The Candle πŸš€

My favorite part of that is Blagojevich complaining on TV about his public statements being used against him. As I recall, he didn’t have much of a defense, either. Jack Smith meant it when he said he was ready for trial in 70 days. That date is still unlikely, but the burden of delaying is all on Trump. DOJ is not going to help one bit.

This also makes me think Smith wants to bring charges in D.C. over January 6, and still possibly charges in New Jersey. He wants to be timely about that, but not give Trump the argument that multiple indictments from the same office (special prosecutor) is grounds for continuance as Trump fights off so many challenges at once.

Smith, IOW, wants to use SDFL’s “rocket docket” to his advantage.

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