Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Consider The Source

I think John Barron "leaked" it.* I have to add here that “religion” is a maligned and misapplied excuse for explaining the behavior of people whose lived experiences we can’t be bothered to try to understand. I’m not trying to excuse them, but the problem here doesn’t originate in some reductive definition of “religion.” I mention this also because there’s another issue about Trump’s pre-trial behavior we need to pay attention to: Trump is already screaming “ELECTION INTERFERENCE!”. He’d just turn up the volume on his First Amendment rights, and have pundits and Washington reporters wondering aloud if he was right. After all, he’s a rich white man with a megaphone πŸ“£. Is that really a special privilege for a criminal defendant?

It is a two-tiered justice system. And we like it like that.

*Exhibit “A”. The thing speaks for itself.

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