Thursday, June 29, 2023

Problems Without Solutions

Imagine Bernie Sanders declaring in one of his Presidential campaigns that he would eliminate the DOD. Oh, and DOC and DOE (for the same reasons Rick Perry wanted to; because Perry thought it promoted oil exploration). Give all that to DHS; it’s not bloated and ungainly enough yet. And what does managing the nuclear arsenal have to do with “woke ideology”? "We don’ need no steenken’ TAXES!” And same question as before: how do you use the IRS to get rid of “woke ideology”?

DeSantis really needs to stop trying to make “woke” happen. Even in the America of the hidden wound which is racism, it’s too blatantly racist. And sexist. And homophobic. And plain nasty. 

There’s a reason Christie rises in the polls as DeSantis sinks: DeSantis is boring, now. And Christie bashing Trump has, for the moment, entertainment value. But there’s still no voting until January. All of these shows are gonna get real boring by then.

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