Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Los Tres Bobos

Third in line to the Presidency due to an accident of who holds the House majority. Everybody worries about the strength of the Presidential and VP candidates in the tough situations, but nobody votes on their Representatives based on who will be Speaker and third in line to the hottest seat in the country. Or at best, only a handful of the country does.

Helluva system we’ve got here.
When does he reveal his secret plan to prove Trump won in 2020?  Emphasis on "communist” for the Boomers out there who think Halley is hotter than shirtless RFK, Jr. Or Ivanka. I find this more disturbing (and nauseating) than the Access Hollywood tape. And end birthright citizenship? And kill “woke”? I guess after the first 90 days he can just take a long vacation. All our trials will be over. And yet he keeps sinking in the polls.


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