Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Chicken Little Legal Takes

"The thing also about this case we have to remember is a courtroom is a different thing for Donald Trump because all of the stuff falls away, and the only thing that comes in front of the jury are the facts. As the judge determines are relevant. And oaths are taken not only by witnesses. They stand in front of everybody and take a solemn oath before God. So does the jury. The jury takes a solemn oath before God about their duty and following the law, and listening to the facts. So, it's a very treacherous territory for a guy like Donald Trump because his wheeling and dealing and his lying at every turn just doesn't work in a courtroom." 

I just like hearing it, especially in a world where every action taken in Florida is PROOF Trump is going to delay the case there until he wins the election, and then gets the DOJ to drop the charges. 

Trump may imagine that's gonna happen.  Trump also imagines the PRA gives him the right to take whatever he wants.  I'm sure Tom Fitton told him that.  Tom Fitton gets the PRA and the "Clinton socks case" exactly backwards.

As for the punditry, it's almost all Chicken Little Legal Takes.  I really can't stand it anymore.

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