Monday, June 26, 2023


But Jack was saving Twitter, and Elmo ruined it! It’s all a matter of who’s telling the story, isn’t it? Like when drag was funny, rather than “sexual.” (My first encounter with Monty Python was the “Hell’s Grannies” skit, on a Dean Martin summer show (yes, Virginia, they had those once upon a time). When the show came to KERA in Dallas, my biggest concern was the sex jokes (“How long is it?” “That’s a very personal question, sir!”) and the occasional topless ladies (on TV!). Nobody thought of the “boys” as dressing in drag, even though Carol Cleveland was often the only woman on screen, and some of the best sketches, like the Penguin sketch, involved female characters.

Still not hearing calls to ban Python, so the narrative is about a very, very particular concept. Not all drag us created equal. And while women in men’s clothes can be sexual, men in women’s clothes is still just…funny.

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