Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The Book Of The Sub-Genius

From news reports I understand the Coast Guard doesn’t have equipment capable of going as deep as the submersible presumably is. I also understand they don’t know where the submersible is.  The Navy has equipment which might be used to recover the ship, but even that isn’t guaranteed.

And contacting the government by email? Demanding they respond by email? (I’m assuming he tried this on Monday. A federal holiday. Again: email? Seriously?) As if they were customer service? Who is this dick?

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  1. Let me guess that he's an Ayn Randian, the woman who was such a terrible writer and idiot that she made one of her Randian heroes an entrepreneur against the government create a rail road, a means of transport which was in most need of government intervention AGAINST PRIVATE OWNERSHIP to even ever exist anywhere. The same for every other form of transport including anything that would depend on port facilities. And now this moron is whining that the government can't come to rescue people he put at risk. They are beneath contempt, they shouldn't be allowed to ever do anything but put Legos together.