Wednesday, June 28, 2023

The Worst Timeline

"He said, he explained, look, my desk was loaded up with papers. I just held up a pile of papers," Doocy said of Trump. "So the president, former president, you got to figure if you're his defense attorney because he said so many things about these. And they're about to have a heart attack. And they probably have said to him a million times, do you really have to talk about that? Because the more you talk, the harder our job is." 
"Well, he's very transparent," co-host Ainsley Earhardt argued. "And so his lawyers might not like it, but a lot of Americans do like it." 
But Kilmeade suggested special counsel Jack Smith's team had leaked the audio recording. 
"I just find it amazing is we never hear from Robert Herr's investigation," Kilmeade said, referring to a special counsel investigating classified documents turned over by President Joe Biden. "We always hear from Donald Trump's investigation. And just amazing, it always goes to New York Times and CNN." 
"Well, maybe Trump's side is leaking," Doocy said. "Trump's side is leaking audio?" Kilmeade gasped. 
"Why would his side be leaking audio of himself?" 
"Maybe they've been leaking a lot of stuff during the entire process," Doocy opined. 
"I've never heard that," Kilmeade griped.
When Steve Doocy and John Bolton make sense.

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